Karmasphere Use Cases for Jumpstarting the Value of Hadoop

Big Data Analytics for Hadoop

Use Big Data Analytics Insights to Optimize Your Customer Engagement Lifecycle


lifecycleEach and every interaction with a customer makes up a company’s Customer Engagement Lifecycle. To delight customers and thrive in the era of Big Data and digital business, every phase of the Lifecycle must be optimized making it more cohesive, integrated and relevant.

Below are use case ideas for applying Big Data Analytics to optimize ways customers purchase, use and receive support —the key phases of the Customer Engagement Lifecycle.

An expected benefit of the use cases is to increase the key business metrics of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Likelihood to Recommend (LTR).


Customer Purchase Interactions

Enable richer and highly-personalized cross-selling and upselling

Use Channel Analytics on Big Data for:

  • Customer micro-segmentation
  • Dynamic product categorization
  • Personalized and auxiliary product recommendations

Customer Usage Interactions

Ensure highly-competitive products and services

Use Telemetry Analytics on Big Data for:

  • Product usage patterns
  • A/B feature testing
  • Failure detection and diagnostics

Customer Support Interactions

Deliver proactive and cost-effective customer service

Use Response Analytics on Big Data for:

  • Churn reduction
  • Self-service help
  • Customer loyalty improvement