Karmasphere Technical Specifications

Big Data Analytics for Hadoop

  • LINUX server-based product
  • Requires small, inexpensive server footprint
  • Accessible by all devices using standard Web Browsers
  • Works on physical, virtual and cloud servers environments, including Amazon Web Services and Rackspace
  • Supports all major Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR
  • Shares standard Hadoop Metastore

Feature Description

Hardware Physical, virtual or cloud-based server
Quad Core CPU, >= 16Gb RAM; 500Gb HD, Gigabit Ethernet
Web Browser Support IE 9 and higher, Firefox 13 and higher, Safari 5.x and higher, Chrome 19.x and higher
Hadoop Distributions Supported Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks HDP and MaprR
Hadoop Metastore Support Shares standard Hadoop Hive/HCat metastore
Data Formats and File Types Delimited – CSV, TSV, XML, JSON, AVRO, W3C, Omniture, CloudFront, DoubleClick, RC, text, extended text, sequence, binary. Extensible with standard Hadoop components.
Compression Types BZIP, GZIP, LZO, Snappy
Analytic Functions Math, String, Statistics, Regular Expression, RANKING, LAG, FIRST, LAST, Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Time Series, plus any standard Hive based UDF’s
Operating System Latest versions of RedHat/CentOS/Ubuntu Linux
Databases MySQL 5.x
Export Data Formats CSV, TSV, Hive Table, Database
Visualizations Bar, Column, Pie, Scatter, Line
Column Level Statistics Min, Max, Average, Percentage NULLS, Unique values
Data Types String, Integer, Big Integer , Small Integer, Double, Float, Date, Boolean
Scheduling Options Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Database Support Any JDBC-compatible database including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2
Security Standard Hadoop security, uthentication and role-based authorization, project-level security, LDAP and Kerberos