Big Data Analytics for Hadoop

Use Karmasphere to innovate your business and know your customer deeply, so you can optimize your products, services and customer experience.

Personalized Analytics

Karmasphere Personalized Analytics Dashboard_300ppi-RGB


  • Organizes your Big Data Analytics
  • Places relevant analytics work products at your fingertips
  • Guides your workflow
  • Provides activity status so you can complete projects on time and within budget
Karmasphere Visual Data Explorer_300ppi-RGB

Choice for Data Exploration

  • For full, language-based power, use the SQL Data Explorer
  • For visual and business analysis, use the Visual Data Explorer
Karmasphere Exploratory & Predictive Analytics-300

Exploratory and Predictive Analytics

  • Use 250+ pre-packaged Hadoop standard algorithms (UDFs)
  • Employ nPath, Clustering, Na├»ve Bayes, Ranking, Grouping, nGram Regex, Trending, Timeseries, Scoring and many more


Ability to Use Existing SAS, SPSS and R Analytic Models

  • Transform PMML models to Hadoop standard UDFs
  • Increase the accuracy of your analytics models by scoring against all Big Data

Dynamic Data Lenses for Self-Service Analytics

  • Create as many lenses as needed across your Hadoop cluster with no sampling or data duplication
  • Ingest both structured and unstructured data sources without dependence on IT

Industry Standard Analytics Hub

  • Securely store, discover and manage analytics assets created in Karmasphere or authored externally
  • Browse, search and reuse all analytic assets, including queries, results sets, visualization and algorithms