Big Data Analytics for Hadoop

Karmasphere Personalized Analytics Dashboard

Karmasphere Personalized Analytics Dashboard_300ppi-RGB
  • Organizes your Big Data Analytics
  • Places relevant analytics work products at your fingertips
  • Guides your workflow
  • Provides activity status so you can complete projects on time and within budget

Full-Fidelity Analytics

Full Fidelity Analytics means using all the data in Hadoop without compromise.

  • Use the original data. Don’t pre-process or abstract it
  • Keep the data open. Don’t make it proprietary
  • Process data on-cluster. Don’t replicate it.

Full-fidelity Analytics benefits include:

  • Maximum richness of insights
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced complexity
  • Portability and reuse of analytics assets
  • No vendor lock-in

Karmasphere is designed for teams of analysts to explore and analyze Big Data on Hadoop, and to discover business insights about their customers that can be applied to all points of customer engagement. Installed on a physical or virtual Linux server and accessed via industry standard web browsers, Karmasphere is an intuitive, self-service environment for maximizing the value of any and all available data.

Provides the New Approach for Self-Service Analytics on Hadoop

As data becomes a vital asset and Hadoop establishes itself as the unified Big Data platform, businesses must be able to access and explore all of the data. Tools in place now are more than 20 years old, designed for smaller data sets and processes — not for Big Data. Some newer approaches force pre-processing or data replication and dramatically increase complexity and cost.

Supports Full Fidelity Hadoop Access

Big Data Analytics on Hadoop means turning data into business value by empowering analysts to explore all data, discover insights and influence outcomes. Karmasphere powers full-fidelity analytics on Hadoop with the most streamlined, open and enterprise-ready approach to Big Data analytics on the market today.

Is Designed for the Era of Big Data

Natively designed for Hadoop, Karmasphere provides a unified workspace for the Big Data Analytics workflow, making it possible to transform vast amounts of raw data into business insight spanning data ingestion, iterative analysis as well as the visualization and publishing of new insights. Karmasphere delivers the value of Big Data in an open, social, highly visual application accessible from any device.