TidalTV Uses Karmasphere To Analyze Tidal Wave Of Audience Big Data On Hadoop

Karmasphere Customer Successfully Tackles Massive Data Sets

CUPERTINO, Calif.- March 8, 2011 -Karmasphere™,a Big Data Analytics company, today announced that TidalTV, a video advertising, optimization and yield management solutions provider, is using Karmasphere Studio to manage and analyze millions of pieces of advertising data every day. Turning to Karmasphere, TidalTV was able to create a state-of the-art Big Data processing environment, wrangling massive data sets to deliver better service and more targeted advertising results to its customers.

“We plan to continue to use Hadoop and Karmasphere as we scale our business by 50-75% over the coming year.”

TidalTV uses mathematical analysis to guarantee delivery of branded video messages to targeted demographics, maximizing monetization for Internet advertisers and video publishers. Since TidalTV’s founding, the company’s network volume has grown rapidly, reaching a rate of 20-40 million data “pings” every 24 hours, as Internet users view select videos. The company faced the challenge of collecting, aggregating, storing and analyzing this data to glean insights and track revenue against projected targets, and to generate and deliver reports back to advertisers and publishers.

TidalTV was reluctant to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading legacy database systems to accommodate this phenomenal growth. Instead, it looked to Amazon EC2 and Elastic MapReduce for cloud-based processing power and to Karmasphere for enhanced Hadoop-productivity. The resulting cost-effective combination helped TidalTV tame its ever-expanding data sets. Moreover, Karmasphere reduced the company’s Big Data learning curve with superior capabilities for monitoring Hadoop and creating MapReduce jobs, letting TidalTV quickly use Hadoop to gain insights.

“A significant number of our customers are on the cutting edge of Big Data projects,” said Martin Hall, executive vice president of Corporate Development. “Many are upgrading to the Cloudera CDH3 Beta, in advance of the final release. This market is moving fast and working with Cloudera to support shared customers is important, as together we bring Hadoop to the enterprise.”

Key Facts

  • By turning to Hadoop and Karmasphere, TidalTV created a state-of the-art Big Data processing environment, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Building on Amazon for cloud-based processing power and Karmasphere for enhanced Hadoop-productivity, TidalTV was able to wrangle massive data sets and deliver better service and more targeted advertising results to its customers

“Ability to manage the extensive sets of unstructured data created by our network is critical to our success as a company,” said Ron Stiffler, senior software engineer at TidalTV. “We plan to continue to use Hadoop and Karmasphere as we scale our business by 50-75% over the coming year.”


Karmasphere Studio Professional Edition and Karmasphere Analyst are available immediately from Karmasphere.  Visit the Karmasphere Store to purchase Karmasphere software on-line or contact sales@karmasphere.com.

Developers and analysts can download, evaluate and use Karmasphere Studio Community Edition and can join theKarmasphere Community mailing list.

About Cloudera CDH3

The latest version of Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution, CDH3, includes support for the latest enterprise Linux distributions from Red Hat and SuSE, new features from the upstream Apache Hadoop project, support for Hive version 0.7, new configuration and diagnosis capabilities, and numerous enhancements to performance, stability and reliability.  For a complete list of CDH3 features, visit http://www.cloudera.com/downloads/.

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Karmasphere http://karmasphere.com
Karmasphere Store http://karmasphere.com/Buy/karmasphere-studio-product-family.html
Apache Hadoop http://hadoop.apache.org/
Apache Hive http://hive.apache.org/
TidalTV http://tidaltv.com
Amazon Web Services http://aws.amazon.com/
Amazon Elastic MapReduce http://aws.amazon.com/elasticmapreduce/

About TidalTV

TidalTV is a video advertising, optimization, and yield management solutions provider. Our technology leverages the power of data and mathematics to guarantee delivery of a brand’s message against a very targeted demographic, and enables content creators and publishers to completely monetize audiences across varied demographic segments. Currently, TidalTV has deployed its technology for online video and is working to expand its reach to all video delivery platforms, including television and mobile devices.

About Karmasphere Studio Professional Edition and Karmasphere Analyst

Until recently, Apache Hadoop and Hive software has only been available to advanced UNIX/Linux-based developers and analysts willing and able to set-up a Hadoop cluster and install Hive. Karmasphere removes this productivity roadblock and streamlines MapReduce programming and SQL prototyping. With Karmasphere, there is no initial requirement to set up a Hadoop cluster – Karmasphere lets developers and data engineers analyze Hadoop data with a graphical desktop environment from Windows, Mac or UNIX/Linux instead of hard-to-use command-line tools. When developers and analysts are ready to deploy to a real Hadoop cluster, Karmasphere lets them migrate to any distribution of Hadoop including Cloudera CDH and Amazon Elastic MapReduce with one click. For more information, visit http://www.karmasphere.com.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere is a big data intelligence software company bringing Apache Hadoop power to developers and analysts. Karmasphere enables companies to unlock the competitive advantages within their large datasets by providing an easy-to-use class of client-side software. Karmasphere’s products, built around the Karmasphere Application Framework™, feature independence across any Hadoop environment, easy one-click deployment across any cloud/cluster, and a rich and friendly user-interface to maximize productivity, discovery and insight. For more information visit http://www.karmasphere.com

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