Karmasphere Webinar Teaches Data Professionals How To Analyze Multi-Structured Data On Hadoop Using Simple SQL Skills

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LIVE Webinar: Big Data Analysis Using SQL

Karmasphere Webinar Teaches Data Professionals How To Analyze Multi-Structured Data On Hadoop Using Simple SQL Skills

Cupertino, CA – Jan 24, 2013– Karmasphere™,the leader in Big Data Analytics, announced a webinar directed at Data Analysts with SQL knowledge who want to analyze structured, unstructured and semi-structured data on Hadoop.

If you are a data professional (data analyst, data scientist, data architect, etc) who is interested in Big Data Analysis on Hadoop and you know basic SQL – this webinar is for you!

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

·         Create a new Big Data project

·         Load multi-structured data on Karmasphere

·         View data in a tabular format

·         Write a query against your data

·         Use a UDF or Python script inside your query (advanced)

·         Explore the results and save to a Hive table

·         Visualize the data in BI tool

Karmasphere invites you, the big data and analytics professional, to join us for this webinar on January 31st at 11AM PDT. The webinar is open to the general audience and will include a live demonstration, best practices guides and a Q&A session.

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See you there –

The Karmasphere Team.