Karmasphere To Sponsor And Speak At Hadoop World 2011


Karmasphere Founder to Explore the Changing Role of Enterprise Data Analysts

Cupertino, CA – November 2, 2011 – Karmasphere™, a Big Data Intelligence company, today announced that will be a sponsor of Hadoop World 2011, scheduled for November 8–9, in New York City. Also at the event, Karmasphere co-founder and chairman Martin Hall will be speaking on “Data Professionals: the New Enterprise Rock Stars,” scheduled for Wednesday, November 9 at 10:00 AM. The session will describe how Hadoop and Big Data are re-inventing enterprise workflows and the pivotal role of the Data Analyst in Big Data.

Hall will explain how combining Hadoop and SQL-based analytics helps companies discover emergent trends hidden in unstructured data, without having to retrain or hire data miners. He will also illustrate how analysts can easily connect to Big Data platforms, assemble working data sets from disparate sources, and analyze and mine that data for actionable insight. These analysts can then publish the results and feed their reporting tools, and use the results in company workflows – all without touching the command line.

On the floor of Hadoop World, Karmasphere showcase Karmasphere Analyst – a complete visual workspace for data professionals to explore and analyze Big Data using familiar SQL and pre-packaged heuristics. Karmasphere will also demonstrate Karmasphere Studio Professional, a graphical development environment that guides developers in delivering MapReduce analytic jobs in support of data analysts.

Hadoop World brings together many of the most influential voices in data management to offer insight into how Apache Hadoop is changing the landscape of data analytics and transforming enterprises. The conference also offers attendees the chance to see solutions and interact with the industry’s most prominent data management, analysis and business intelligence vendors. Other presenters at the event will include representatives from The 451 Group research firm, Forrester Research, JP Morgan Chase, Informatica and eBay.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere provides software products for data analysts and professionals so that they can unlock the power of Big Data in Hadoop, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to add value to the business. Karmasphere equips analysts with the ability to discover new patterns, relationships, and drivers in any kind of data – unstructured, semi-structured or structured – that were not possible to find before.

Karmasphere delivers the premier Big Data workspace for data professionals to mine and analyze web, mobile, sensor and social media data in any Hadoop distribution.  Analysts, and the developers that support them, use Karmasphere products to transform their business, identifying opportunities for new products and services and areas for business optimization and cost reduction.

For more information, visit www.karmasphere.com.

Note: Karmasphere, Karmasphere Big Data Analytics Engine and Karmasphere Studio are trademarks of Karmasphere. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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