Karmasphere Speeds And Secures Production Deployment Of Hadoop Jobs With Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition

Available Now and Featuring Technical Innovations to Improve Developer Productivity

Cupertino, CA – October 12, 2010 – Karmasphere™, the leader in Big Data Intelligence software, announced today, at the Hadoop World conference, the general availability of its big data software development product Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition.  Designed to accelerate the development process for experienced Hadoop developers and reduce the learning curve for those new to Hadoop, Karmasphere Studio is a graphical environment to develop, debug, deploy and monitor MapReduce jobs.  Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition builds on the Community Edition by making Hadoop production deployment faster, easier and more reliable, even to Hadoop clusters secured behind firewalls such as ssh tunnels or socks proxy.

The Professional Edition also features a number of additional breakthroughs including two technical innovations:

  • Karmasphere is the first to embrace Hadoop Vaidya, a rule-based open source performance diagnosis tool for MapReduce jobs. With Vaidya, developers can customize a set of diagnostic rules to prevent unwanted performance issues across multiple clusters. By including Vaidya support within Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition, developers can be assured their jobs meet built-in performance standards which is particularly important for mission critical, production applications.
  • Secondly, Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition features real-time charting of counters to improve debugging of jobs running on Hadoop clusters. This capability provides, for the first time, a graphical instrumentation window into Hadoop job performance and behavior.

“With Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition we are delivering a new level of productivity for Hadoop,” said Abe Taha, vice president of engineering for Karmasphere. “We’ve worked hard to deliver a product that combines practical solutions for securing cluster access, job optimization and job packaging with innovations that bring dramatic improvements to the overall Hadoop experience.”

Karmasphere Users Experience Productivity Gains

Karmasphere Studio has been downloaded by users around the globe who benefit from its features designed to shield the intricacies of Hadoop and enable more results in fewer steps.

“The learning curve in Hadoop can be daunting, even to highly technical developers.  Karmasphere is beneficial because it gives the developer tools that they are use to using in other environments, plus it brings in tools critical to working in a Hadoop environment, which allows users to quickly package and launch jobs without having to get their hands dirty inside Hadoop,” said Will Duckworth, vice president, software engineering, comScore, Inc

“Karmasphere has significantly reduced our development time for MapReduce jobs.  We run the majority of our jobs on Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce, so the ability to quickly see how changes to our code are going to be applied to a local file or subset of data is a huge time saver.  Then once we’re satisfied, we can quickly deploy the job directly from Karmasphere and monitor the job as it runs.  If there is an issue, then the job monitoring features are a great benefit.  Our jobs hit thousands of files, so browsing through log files can be a real chore, but Karmasphere makes it easy,” said Jeff Ellin, vice president, technology, TidalTV.

Helping to Move Hadoop Jobs Swiftly into Production

Karmasphere recently released a survey showing that the majority of Hadoop projects start as skunkworks and, within several months, move into full production as users discover the power of big data intelligence methodology. The survey also revealed that Hadoop developers and analysts are looking for easier ways to deal with the complexities of Hadoop.

“We know that developers and analysts just getting started with Hadoop are looking for ways to deal with the complexities and steep learning curve. We’ve designed our products specifically to ease their initial pain, and to help them move their projects more quickly and easily into full production deployment,” said Martin Hall, chief executive of Karmasphere. “We are wiping away the complexity and providing an easy-to-use on-ramp to Hadoop.”

Karmasphere Analyst Preview

Karmasphere is also previewing its groundbreaking Karmasphere Analyst product at the Hadoop World conference, which is scheduled for release later this year. Karmasphere Analyst is unique as it turns data stored on any Hadoop cluster into a massive data warehouse,   providing familiar SQL access to query and transform data in Hadoop.  The results can be viewed within Karmasphere or with a third party tool such as Microsoft Excel.


Karmasphere Studio: Professional Edition is available now; Karmasphere also offers a free Community Edition. Both products run on Eclipse or NetBeans, and all support Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop and IBM Hadoop, and are compatible with Amazon Web Services’ Elastic MapReduce, EC2 and S3. More information and downloads can be found at www.karmasphere.com.

Karmasphere Analyst is open for private beta and interested participants can find more information athttp://www.karmasphere.com/ka.html.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere is a big data intelligence software company bringing Apache Hadoop power to developers and analysts. Karmasphere enables companies to unlock the competitive advantages within their large datasets by providing an easy-to-use class of client-side software. Karmasphere’s products, built around the Karmasphere Application Framework™, feature independence across any Hadoop environment, easy one-click deployment across any cloud/cluster, and a rich and friendly user-interface to maximize productivity, discovery and insight. For more information please see www.karmasphere.com.


Note: Karmasphere, Karmasphere Application Framework and Karmasphere Studio are trademarks of Karmasphere. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.