Karmasphere Speeds Customer Insights on Hadoop with New Analytics Templates

Analyst Teams Unlock the Power of Big Data for Business Faster

Cupertino, CA – October 29, 2013 – At the Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York, Karmasphere will preview the next release of its Big Data Analytics solution that makes it easier than ever for data and business analysts to work together to unlock the power of Hadoop that has, up to now, been largely constrained within the IT organization.

Karmasphere’s latest product automates the assembly of insight templates such as user behavior analytics or customer churn and optimizes a company’s website, recommendation applications, customer support centers and BI reporting systems. Karmasphere provides out-of-the-box templates that can be easily customized to deliver analytics as competitive advantage for a company.

This new release features a searchable version of the Karmasphere Analytics Hub, where analytics assets and templates are securely stored and reused.  It also includes a new Continuous User Experience that anticipates what analysts need to do next and the ability to seamlessly populate Tableau, today’s leading data visualization solution. See a preview at Karmasphere’s Strata + Hadoop World, Booth #64.

Karmasphere’s Analytics Hub Fosters Reuse to Leverage Skills Across Teams

Organizations need more leverage to uncover business insights more quickly by reusing all their Big Data analytic assets such as Tables, Queries, Serdes, Result Sets, Projects, UDFS and Visualizations. Included in the Karmasphere HUB is easy access to more than 250 standard and custom Hive UDFs, one of the standard analytic building blocks for Big Data.

Karmasphere‘s Continuous User Experience Anticipates What Teams Need to Do

Karmasphere knows and anticipates what analysts need and makes it easy and intuitive to transform vast amounts of raw data into business insight.  It also eliminates the need for training and increases user adoption. With Karmasphere, today’s SQL analysts can easily move up to the world of Big Data Analytics and enjoy a single page, responsive and immerse user interface.

Karmasphere Enriches Tableau with Big Data

Companies use popular visualization systems, such as Tableau, for business users and executives. With its open and extensible architecture, Karmasphere connects Tableau to Hadoop by seamlessly populating Tableau with the results of exploratory big data analytics.  This makes Tableau visualizations richer and more accurate by incorporating insights from all the structured and unstructured data in Hadoop.

Figure 1:  Karmasphere’s Analytics Hub


Figure 2:  Karmasphere’s Personalized Workspace


Summary of Karmasphere’s Unique Differentiators

Capability Description Benefits
Full-fidelity analytics No preprocessing, moving or replication of data so analytics is done “on the cluster” Preserve the data richness, agility and low total cost of ownership of Hadoop
Analytics Power  SQL for Hadoop interface with visual and analytics templates Solve sophisticated exploratory and analytic challenges
Analytics Hub A secure place to store, search and reuse analytic assets Speed delivery of insights by leveraging analytic investments and teams
Continuous User Experience Intuitive, responsive & immersive Provides a delightful experience, increasing user adoption, productivity, requiring no training
Actionable Analytics Automate and integrate insights across business Optimize applications and empower people with big data insights


About Karmasphere

Karmasphere empowers the New Customer Analytics, providing deep insights on Big Data to optimize every customer touch point. Using personalized workspaces and self-service templates, analytics are rapidly assembled, customized and shared across business teams. With Karmasphere’s full-fidelity support for Hadoop, data is never abstracted or replicated, maintaining the richness, agility and low cost of ownership needed for innovation and competitive advantage in the era of Big Data.

To learn more about Karmasphere, visit Booth #64 at the Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York, or go to www.karmasphere.com