Karmasphere Launches “The Analyst’s Guide To Big Data” Hadoop Webinar Series

Geared towards Data and Business Analysts, Informational Webinars Will Deliver Key Learnings for Success in the Hadoop Big Data Revolution

Cupertino, CA – March 12, 2012 – Karmasphere™, a Big Data Intelligence company, today announced their new webinar series, “The Analyst’s Guide to Big Data”. Drawing from over two years of experience working with the Hadoop ecosystem and delivering Big Data Analytics products into successful Big Data-powered enterprises, Karmasphere will deliver a series of easy-to-grasp knowledge webinars to respond to the growing demand for advice and guidance in the Hadoop Big Data Analytics market.

The first webinar in the series, “From Zero to Insights in Less than an Hour” will be co-hosted with Cloudera March 13th at 11am PDT.  The webinar will demonstrate everything from installing an intitial Cloudera Hadoop cluster, populating the cluster with transactional point-of-sale data and social media data, installing Karmashere, and conducting iterative analysis with SQL queries, interative wizards, and visualizations to derive business insights.

In addition to a monthly “Big Data Analytics with Karmasphere” webinar, future webinars are being planned with Karmasphere partners including Amazon Web Services, Think Big Analytics, Zaloni, Hortonworks, and MapR Technologies among other experts.

Upcoming webinars in the series will focus on topics such as, forming effective Big Data Analytics teams, reference architectures for Big Data Analytics on Hadoop, leveraging existing BI infrastructure and developing best practices for successful Big Data Analytics projects.  All webinars will be followed by a question and answer session with Big Data practitioners and experts.

“Over the past two years we are seeing enterprises hungry for guidance, advice and information to enter this new world of Big Data.”  said Rich Guth, CMO, Karmasphere. “We think it is vital that we share the knowledge we and our partners have amassed to help others embark on their Big Data journeys.”

Karmasphere Analyst strives to provide Big Data Analytics teams with more power, collaboration and reusability in their work – Karmasphere equips businesses to overcome the skills shortage in the Big Data market today. Bringing the power of data science to business analysts,Karmasphere Analyst™ provides a collaborative, end-to-end workspace designed exclusively for Big Data Analytics using SQL, allowing these professionals to concentrate on what they do best – extract insights from Big Data to create business value.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere, the leader in Big Data Intelligence, equips companies to unlock the power of Big Data in Hadoop, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to add value to their businesses.

With the advent of Hadoop, businesses can now affordably analyze massive amounts of Big Data across their web, mobile, social, sensor, video and call center interactions without the limitations of sampled data or expensive and proprietary massively parallel processing databases (MPP).

The power and ease-of-use of Karmasphere Analyst makes unparalleled collaboration possible for Big Data Analytic teams so they can rapidly discover and share new patterns, relationships, drivers and insights for any kind of multi-structured data in a variety of Hadoop distributions including: Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Cloudera, EMC, HortonWorks, IBM, MapR Technologies and Microsoft.

For more information, visit www.karmasphere.com.