Karmasphere Founder And Ph.D. Shevek To Speak At Berlin Buzzwords


Karmasphere Thought Leader Will Discuss Cross Correlation Algorithms for Big Data

Cupertino, CA – June 1, 2011 – Karmasphere™, a Big Data Analytics company, today announced that Shevek, Karmasphere founder and CTO, will be speaking at the Berlin Buzzwords conference in Berlin, Germany, scheduled for June 6-7, 2011.

Berlin Buzzwords 2011 is a gathering for developers and users of open source software projects, focusing on data analytics, NoSQL and Apache Hadoop. This year’s event features more than 30 talks and presentations by a variety of speakers from around the world.

Shevek is an expert in compiler theory, language design, algorithmic optimization, systems and security. In addition to his Ph.D. degree, Shevek holds a Masters in Pure Mathematics.

Shevek will present a session entitled “Time Series or Causal Analysis Without Limits!” which is scheduled for Monday, June 6, 3:00 pm Local Time. His talk will describe an algorithm developed by Karmasphere Labs for performing the entire family of cross correlation algorithms on arbitrarily large data sets. These algorithms can be used by enterprises to discover business patterns as related to time; for example, optimizing seasonal demand planning for goods and services.

Other speakers at the conference include representatives from 10Gen, Cloudera, CouchDB, Datameer, DataStax LinkedIn, MapR, Mozilla, Nokia, and Yahoo! as well as contributors to and managers of multiple open source projects.

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