Karmasphere Debuts Quick Start Hadoop Bundle On Amazon Web Services At O’Reilly Strata Conference

Offers Hands-on Tutorial “How to Develop Big Data Applications for Hadoop”

Cupertino, CA – January 24, 2011 – Karmasphere™, the leader in Big Data Intelligence software, today announced availability of a Quick Start Hadoop bundle targeting Amazon Elastic MapReduce. The bundle includes evaluation licenses of Karmasphere Studio Professional Edition, Karmasphere Analyst, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits, enabling developers to build Hadoop data mining applications on desktop workstations and deploy directly to Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Karmasphere will demonstrate and distribute the Quick Start Hadoop bundle at O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara, CA (February 1-3 – booth #404) and will offer a tutorial entitled “How to Develop Big Data Applications for Hadoop” at the event.

Key Facts

  • Karmasphere is bundling its Studio Professional Edition and Analyst products with Amazon Web Services credits. The bundle is packaged in a virtual machine for use on Linux/UNIX, Windows and MacOS workstations using VMware players.
  • The bundle features “one-button” deployment of Apache Hadoop and Hive applications to AWS and includes 30-day evaluation licenses of Karmasphere commercial products
  • Strata Conference attendees can sign up for a hands-on tutorial with Karmasphere products
  • Fifty Quick Start Bundle recipients will be eligible for 30 days free Amazon support

“To help data professionals climb the steep Hadoop learning curve, this bundle and tutorial make exploring and mining big data nearly painless,” said Shevek, Karmasphere co-founder and CTO. “The tutorial explains MapReduce theory and how to develop big data analytics and applications in Java, Cascading, Pig and Hive SQL, with practical, real-world examples.”

KS Pro Demo Analyst EMR Demo
Karmasphere Studio Pro: Developing, Debugging, Deploying on Hadoop Karmasphere Analyst: Working with Amazon Elastic MapReduce Register Here for O’Reilly Strata and receive a 30% discount (Feb. 1-3)

Quick Start Bundle

The bundle includes 30-day trials of Karmasphere Studio Professional Edition and Karmasphere Analyst, and $25 worth of credits for use on Amazon Web Services (supports up to one month of prototyping). Fifty recipients of the bundle will also receive 30 days of Amazon Bronze support. The bundle is deployed in a virtual machine (VM) for installation on Linux/UNIX, Windows and MacOS. The VM contains the Karmasphere products, Ubuntu Linux, Eclipse and program examples preconfigured to support Karmasphere development and one-button deployment to AWS Elastic MapReduce.  The bundle includes sample data sets and also supports upload of user-developed real-word data.

Karmasphere at O’Reilly Strata – Tutorial and Exhibit

Karmasphere VP engineering, Abe Taha, and co-founder and CTO, Shevek, will conduct a three-hour tutorial at Strata designed for data professionals looking to develop distributed analytics and applications running on Hadoop clusters. The tutorial features practical, real-world examples such as weblog processing, analytics and text summarization to demonstrate how to prototype, debug, monitor, test and optimize big data analytics and applications for the Hadoop distributed processing platform.
The tutorial is organized in five parts:

  • Introduction to MapReduce, Hadoop and Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Rapid Prototyping and Ad Hoc Analytics
  • Real World Case Study
  • Hands-on Instruction with Practical Examples
  • Q & A

Participants in the tutorial will receive the Quick Start Hadoop Bundle. To attend the tutorial, you must register for theStrata conference, where Karmasphere will also demonstrate Karmasphere Studio and Analyst products in booth #404.

Key Links

Karmasphere http://karmasphere.com
O’ Reilly Strata 2011 http://strataconf.com/strata2011
Amazon Web Services http://aws.amazon.com/
Cascading http://cascading.org
Apache Hadoop http://hadoop.apache.org/


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About Karmasphere Studio Professional Edition and Analyst

Until recently, Apache Hadoop and Hive software has only been available to advanced UNIX/Linux-based developers and analysts willing and able to set-up a Hadoop cluster and install Hive. Karmasphere removes this productivity roadblock and streamlines MapReduce programming and SQL prototyping. With Karmasphere, there is no initial requirement to set-up a Hadoop cluster – Karmasphere lets developers and data engineers analyze Hadoop data with a graphical desktop environment from Windows, Mac or UNIX/Linux instead of hard-to-use command-line tools. And, when developers and analysts are ready to deploy to a real Hadoop cluster, Karmasphere lets them migrate to Elastic MapReduce on AWS with one click.

About O’Reilly Strata – “Making Data Work”

Strata is a new conference from O’Reilly, focusing on the business and practice of data.  Unprecedented computing power and connectivity are bringing new layers of experience to our lives: a change that brings both opportunity and the challenge of new technologies and skills. The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their data successfully. Bringing together decision-makers, practitioners, and leading vendors from enterprise and the web, Strata will provide three days of training, breakout sessions, and plenary discussions, along with a Sponsor Pavilion showcasing the new data ecosystem.  The conference runs February 1-3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere is a big data intelligence software company bringing Apache Hadoop power to developers and analysts. Karmasphere enables companies to unlock the competitive advantages within their large datasets by providing an easy-to-use class of client-side software. Karmasphere’s products, built around the Karmasphere Application Framework™, feature independence across any Hadoop environment, easy one-click deployment across any cloud/cluster, and a rich and friendly user-interface to maximize productivity, discovery and insight. For more information visit http://www.karmasphere.com


Note: Karmasphere, Karmasphere Application Framework and Karmasphere Studio are trademarks of Karmasphere. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.