Karmasphere Customers Improve Productivity And Response Times Mining Big Data With Karmasphere Analyst And Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Social Game Developer Playfish, and Ad Targeter XGraph Experience Shorter Learning Curve and Faster Results with Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Karmasphere Analyst

SEATTLE & CUPERTINO, Calif.Karmasphere™, a leader in Big Data Intelligence software, today announced two customers, Playfish and XGraph, who are addressing the challenges of working with massive data sets by usingKarmasphere Analyst with Amazon Elastic MapReduce from Amazon Web Services LLC.

Key Facts

  • Karmasphere Analyst and Karmasphere Studio speed project startup for developers and analysts working with Big Data on Hadoop by enabling use of SQL-based data mining
  • Customers save time and money by prototyping and deploying Big Data applications on Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Playfish and XGraph are getting great results using Karmasphere Analyst to mine big data on Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Playfish, a division of Electronic Arts (EA), is a leading developer of Fac ebook social games. With hits like Pet Society and the recently launched Madden NFL Superstars, Playfish generates massive data sets as it tracks player interaction throughout each game.

Using Karmasphere Analyst, Playfish evaluates data hosted on Amazon Elastic MapReduce, as the company continuously improves and expands game features.

“To understand the customer experience, we aggregate millions of event logs. It used to take days for us to pull data and run ad hoc queries. With Karmasphere Analyst, it takes just a few hours and sometimes only minutes,” said Fred Easey, lead developer at Playfish. “I don’t have to be a Hadoop expert, either. Amazon Elastic MapReduce scales capacity to match our needs, automatically. We pay for exactly what we need and queries are automatically stored in the Cloud.”

XGraph, a pioneer of social graph-based ad targeting, provides online advertisers, marketers, and agencies with the ability to identify and target high-value custom audiences who share similar lifestyles, values, and purchasing habits. XGraph’s unique multi-graph infrastructure processes billions of rows of data daily, creating the need for sophisticated query tools that are cloud-based, highly efficient, and very scalable.

“Karmasphere Analyst and Amazon Elastic MapReduce together are an ideal match,” said Eric Tall, software engineer at XGraph. “With Analyst, we can start up a Hive cluster or connect to an already existing cluster on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. The built-in Analyst GUI makes it much easier to develop, design and execute queries, and export those results for report creation and sharing.”

Karmasphere Analyst, announced in December 2010, is productivity software for data professionals working with massive data sets. With Karmasphere Analyst, data analysts can more easily run ad hoc data queries from the desktop, and view query results with a single click. Cloud and on-premise Hadoop clusters are supported including Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

“Karmasphere products, integrated with Amazon Elastic MapReduce, help our customers leverage the elasticity and cost savings of AWS to simplify work with Big Data,” said Martin Hall, founder and chairman, Karmasphere. “Playfish and XGraph are among the many big data users who will benefit from the ongoing AWS-Karmasphere collaboration.”

“With Karmasphere’s graphical profiling tools, job optimization features, and local debugging with one-click deployment to AWS, it is now even easier to analyze your data on Amazon Elastic MapReduce,” said Peter Sirota, General Manager Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

On Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011 at 2 pm ET (1 pm CT, 11 am PT), Karmasphere and Amazon Web Services will be conducting a free tutorial entitled “Using SQL to Explore Any Data on Hadoop in the Cloud.” To participate, please register on the Database Trends and Applications web site at: http://www.dbta.com/Webinars/amazon/17feb2011/kar2/

Karmasphere Analyst is available from Karmasphere. Amazon Elastic MapReduce is available from Amazon Web Services.

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Karmasphere http://karmasphere.com
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Apache Hadoop http://hadoop.apache.org/


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About Karmasphere Studio Professional Edition and Analyst

Until recently, Apache Hadoop and Hive software has only been available to advanced UNIX/Linux-based developers and analysts willing and able to set-up a Hadoop cluster and install Hive. Karmasphere removes this productivity roadblock and streamlines MapReduce programming and SQL prototyping. With Karmasphere, there is no initial requirement to set-up a Hadoop cluster – Karmasphere lets developers and data engineers analyze Hadoop data with a graphical desktop environment from Windows, Mac or UNIX/Linux instead of hard-to-use command-line tools. And, when developers and analysts are ready to deploy to a real Hadoop cluster, Karmasphere lets them migrate to Elastic MapReduce on AWS with one click.

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