Karmasphere Brings More Power, Collaboration, And Faster Insights To Big Data Analytics Teams On Hadoop


New Release Provides Ability to Parameterize Queries and Run Unlimited Numbers of Parallel
Queries on Hadoop and HBase

Cupertino, CA – February 1, 2012 – Karmasphere™, a Big Data Intelligence company, today announced new capabilities in Karmasphere Analyst to provide Big Data Analytics teams with more power, collaboration and reuse. With the advent of Hadoop, businesses can now affordably analyze massive amounts of customer interaction and product data across web, mobile, social, sensor, video and call center channels, to optimize their business without resorting to data sampling or expensive massively parallel processing (MPP) databases. Karmasphere Analyst positions these companies to tap the SQL skills of their employees to directly analyze Big Data on Hadoop, shielding them from the complexities of Hadoop and eliminating the need to retrain employees in new technologies.

With its latest release, Karmapshere Analyst introduces two industry-firsts for Hadoop and Hive; parallel and parameterized queries.  The new Karmasphere Analyst’s parallel query capability makes it much faster for data analysts to iteratively query Big Data and generate visualizations that uncover insights and patterns for the business. Parameterized queries make it possible for business users to then submit these queries on an ad hoc basis and display the results in tables, charts, Microsoft Excel™ and other third-party reporting and graphical tools.

Now with Karmasphere Analyst, marketers for example, can go beyond their sampled web analytics data to analyze all of their web interaction data to identify customer profiles and behaviors to further personalize product offerings. The ability to perform analysis directly and cheaply on the entire set of data increases the accuracy of the results and insights to create competitive advantage.

“We are seeing Big Data Analytics teams consisting of one or more data analyst “power users” working with business analysts in sales, customer service, operations, and marketing. Now Karmasphere brings these teams together through an integrated workspace so every person on the team can collaborate to speed sophisticated analysis on Hadoop,” said Rich Guth, CMO, Karmasphere.  “This allows data analysts, and the business people they support, to pull value out of their Big Data without running into technological roadblocks or taking too long to get results.”

New Features of Karmasphere Analyst 1.8

Support for Parameterized Queries Empowers Teams

Parameterized queries are a well-known and popular approach for business users to create ad hoc queries. In Karmasphere Analyst, data analysts identify key business insights using Big Data visualization techniques and share the resulting queries with business users who can run them when needed. This collaborative approach to Big Data Intelligence makes teams very efficient and effective without having to learn new and complex technologies.

Support for Parallel Queries Overcomes Hadoop Analysis Bottlenecks

The ability to run parallel queries is vital to the iterative nature of Big Data exploration and mining. Now in Karmasphere Analyst, Big Data analysts submit queries, view results in Big Data visualizations, submit additional queries, compare results and iterate further. Without this new capability, Hadoop is limited to open source Hive’s constraint to process one query at a time, creating performance bottlenecks for Big Data analysts. With Karmasphere, data analysts can now run an unlimited number of queries concurrently on Hadoop so that one or more data sets can be viewed simultaneously while others are being generated.

Support for HBase Expands the Reach of Big Data Analytics

Increasingly companies are using HBase, an open source database used in conjunction with Hadoop for applications that need to read and write large amounts of multi-structured data quickly, such as web applications. Karmasphere Analyst now supports HBase, ensuring queries created with Karmasphere can access this valuable data in HBase for Big Data Analytics.

Support for Current Version of Apache Open Source Hive, Providing Upward Compatibility

The new Karmasphere Analyst  supports Hive 0.7.1 the latest Apache open standard engine for accessing Hadoop data with SQL. As a result, Karmasphere can build upon the innovations of the open source Hadoop development community, keeping pace with their latest Big Data analytics capabilities. Karmasphere also provides upward compatibility for new versions of Hive across Hadoop Distributions including: Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, Cloudera, HortonWorks, IBM Infosights and Map/R Technologies.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere, the leader in Big Data Intelligence, equips companies to unlock the power of Big Data in Hadoop, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to add value to their businesses.

With the advent of Hadoop, businesses can now affordably analyze massive amounts of Big Data across their web, mobile, social, sensor, video and call center interactions without the limitations of having to use sampled data or expensive and proprietary massively parallel processing databases (MPP).

The power and ease-of-use of Karmasphere Analyst makes unparalled collaboration possible for Big Data Analytic teams so they can rapidly discover and share new patterns, relationships, drivers and insights for any kind of multi-structured data in a variety of Hadoop distributions including: Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, Cloudera, HortonWorks, IBM, and MapR Technologies.

For more information, visit www.karmasphere.com.

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