Karmasphere Big Data Analytics Use Case Guide Outlines Ways To Drive Business Innovation And Drive Competitive Advantage With Hadoop

“A Guide to Jumpstart the Business Value of Hadoop” Available Now

Cupertino, CA – June 26, 2013 – Karmasphere™, the leader in Big Data Analytics, today made available a guide for using Big Data Analytics for business innovation. A Guide to Jumpstart the Business Value of Hadoop defines the new Big Data Customer Engagement Lifecycle and outlines use cases across the key elements of the lifecycle: purchase, product usage and support. The guide also outlines the Top 10 Success Factors for Big Data analytics, including critical success requirements, what to look for and what to avoid.

“Leveraging all your company’s data to outpace your competition is compelling,” said Gail Ennis, CEO, Karmasphere. “With this guide, we’re hoping to inspire our customers with practical ideas for using Big Data analytics to deepen customer insight and innovate their products, services and customer experience.”

Understanding the Customer Engagement Lifecycle

The Customer Engagement Lifecycle has increasingly become redefined and driven by deeper customer insights. Now, for companies to delight customers, every phase of the lifecycle must be optimized and made cohesive, integrated and relevant.

The guide provides insightful use cases across the key three elements of the lifecycle:

  • Purchase: personalize cross and up-sell with Big Data-driven channel analytics.
  • Usage: deliver competitive products with Big Data-driven telemetry analytics.
  • Support: ensure proactive support with Big Data-driven response analytics.

For a better understanding of the role Hadoop and Karmasphere play in the Customer Engagement Lifecycle, please download “A Guide to Jumpstart the Business Value of Hadoop”, available now from Karmasphere.

To learn more about Karmasphere and view a demo of the Karmasphere Workspace for Big Data Analytics, please visit Booth #34 at Hadoop Summit, June 26-27 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA.