Karmasphere Announces First Collaborative Analytics Workspace For Hadoop — Changing The Big Data Landscape

Karmasphere 2.0 Ushers in Next Generation of Actionable Self-Service Big Data Insights with Collaborative, Social and Unconstrained Analytics

Cupertino, CA – June 11, 2012 – Karmasphere™, the leader in Big Data Insights, today announced Karmasphere 2.0, the industry’s first collaborative analytics workspace; a significant new entry in the Big Data landscape. Now everyone in the business can have self-service access to Big Data through a web-based social interface that facilitates team collaboration. Karmasphere 2.0 removes the barriers for teams of project members, ranging from casual users to the most advanced analysts, to work together with minimal to no support from IT. The resulting insights are highly actionable through reporting, visualizations and publishing to existing databases and applications that can automatically implement new ways of doing business.

As a result of working deeply with leading edge companies pioneering the use of Hadoop-powered Big Data Analytics, Karmasphere 2.0 supports the new workflow for insight discovery including the ability to ingest data into the Hadoop cluster, visually explore data for patterns and trends, iteratively analyze the data using familiar queries, visualizations and skills, and easily publish insights into the business. Through the new web-based social interface, users collaborate by setting up projects, inviting diverse project team members, and sharing and re-using each other’s work. Karmasphere 2.0 is designed to work with any Hadoop distribution and leverages Apache Hive, the Hadoop SQL standard, for the portability of analytic assets.

Self-Service Access Across the Business

Karmasphere 2.0 empowers every user to easily ingest and follow data, reveal interesting fact-based patterns and trends, and create actionable insights. To achieve this self-service, Karmasphere provides intuitive and simple-to-use wizards for ingestion, filtering, sorting, and charting so anyone can get involved in capturing value from all the data.

Built for the Data-Driven Business

Karmasphere 2.0 is for organizations that want to optimize their business by using Big Data to find opportunities for new products and services and deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. With Hadoop and Karmasphere 2.0, massive amounts of customer interaction and product data from web, mobile, social, sensor, video and call center channels can be analyzed affordably without data sampling or expensive massively parallel processing (MPP) databases.

Big Data Analytics is About Teams

“For data-driven companies, finding and acting on Big Data Insights is about helping teams of people more effectively collaborate to discover, reuse and share their learnings and insights,” said Gail Ennis, CEO, Karmasphere. “By working with companies who are at the forefront of Big Data Analytics, it has become obvious that data scientists, analysts and business users all need to work together to leverage Big Data Insights that can make a real difference increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.” Hive and Other Industry Standards are Key to Openness, Portability and Innovation “We continue to create very powerful and easy-to-use Big Data Insight capabilities on the open standards the entire Hadoop community is investing in such as Apache MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Pig and Mahout. We know that customers are moving to Hadoop for its power, openness, speed of innovation and don’t want to be locked into proprietary environments,” said Martin Hall, EVP and Founder, Karmasphere.

Big Data Experts Weigh In

Karmasphere is partnering with a select group of systems integration and consulting companies that are recognized in the industry for their expertise in helping companies implement winning Big Data strategies.

“We are seeing significant adoption of Hadoop across key vertical industries and Karmasphere 2.0 is key to unlocking its power by making Big Data Insights easy using existing SQL skills,” said Ben Sharma, Principal, Zaloni. “The skills challenge is formidable as there simply aren’t enough data scientists and MapReduce experts to go around. Karmasphere is changing the game by making Big Data Analytics easy and accessible for everybody.”

“Karmasphere 2.0 represents a new generation of Big Data Analytics because it supports a collaborative and team-based approach. Businesses want to get more powerful insights faster and Karmasphere lets them collaborate, share and re-use analytic assets,” said Ron Bodkin, Founder and CEO, ThinkBig Analytics. “Our customers will appreciate how Karmasphere is making standards-based data science widely available to all kinds of users across the business.”

“For our customers, it’s important for Big Data Analytics on Hadoop to optimize existing investments they have made in data science, business intelligence and application infrastructure. ” said Jai Malhotra, Co-Founder, XtremeInsights. “Karmasphere 2.0 is a game changer, leading a second generation approach for analyzing Big Data with an open, extensible, and standards-based solution.”

Karmasphere 2.0 Features


Karmasphere 2.0 simplifies the process of collecting data, statistical models, algorithms, and other analytic assets for Big Data analysis. Leveraging open APIs, Karmasphere 2.0 provides simple and fast integration with diverse sources containing rich, multi-structured data and analytic logic for re-use with Big Data analysis. Wizards recognize any data type and turn them into Hive tables for exploration and analysis.

  • Unconstrained by data type and volume
  • Seamlessly import SAS and SPSS models, existing Hive, and analytic functions


Karmasphere 2.0 provides automatic visualization of multi-structured data sets to jump-start the path-to-insight. Regardless of original format, data content is presented as an interactive table with column-level statistics and histograms that plot data distribution so that the analyst can rapidly zero-in on data of interest. Wizards help to sort and filter the data to understand content and determine how to analyze further.

  • Quick, easy and accessible to everyone on the Big Data Analytics team
  • Add metadata to the interactive table for streamlined analysis for everyone
  • Filtering and sorting wizards automatically write the SQL


With Karmasphere 2.0, analysis is a rapid, iterative process of submitting Hive SQL queries natively against Big Data, versus limited JDBC or ODBC interfaces that can be slow and unable to access the detailed granularity of Hadoop data. Analytic functions are applied to result-sets, validating potential insights in charts and graphs and repeating the process as needed. Insights and paths-to-insight can be saved, shared with team members, scheduled for repeat runs, or preserved as re-usable queries available to any business user.

  • Intuitive, self-service access to Big Data insights for any user
  • Data Analysis with a visual, iterative workflow
  • Simple to advanced analytic functions and algorithms in a single view
  • Collaboration among Big Data Analytics project teams


Karmasphere 2.0 automates publishing Big Data Insights to optimize marketing, improve product performance and personalize customer interactions. Insights can be delivered directly to business users and team members, viewed in existing Business Intelligence (BI) and spreadsheet tools, or published to product, application and website engines to drive behavior.

  • Save insights to data warehouses, existing relational databases, Hive tables
  • View insights in traditional BI and visualizations tools such as Excel, Tableau and Spotfire
  • Drive the behavior of applications and products with regularly scheduled insights
  • Schedule the automatic publishing of insights for regular, planned delivery

Security and Administration

Karmasphere 2.0 provides multiple levels of security to ensure only authorized users have access to analytic assets. The security model in Karmasphere 2.0 augments Hadoop’s security model, building on the access and security restrictions defined in Hadoop. While creating users in Karmasphere 2.0, an administrator can map them to user groups defined in Hadoop to restrict access to data.

  • Set up users with different access, viewing and analysis rights
  • Secure assets within the analytics repository to project members
  • Manage Hadoop and database connections
  • Save and publish analytic assets for re-use


Karmasphere 2.0 will be previewed at the HortonWorks Hadoop Summit June 13-14 at the San Jose Convention Center. Everyone is invited to a Karmasphere 2.0 Webinar on Tuesday, June 19th at 11am PDT. The product will be available in June through an Early Access Program and generally available in July. Companies interested in being among the first to try the product may pre-register for a trial.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere delivers a fully leveraged world for Big Data Insight that is deep, unconstrained, and accessible for data driven companies seeking new sources of future business opportunity. With the advent of Hadoop, businesses can now affordably analyze massive amounts of Big Data across their web, mobile, social, sensor, video, and call center interactions without the limitations of having to use sampled data or expensive and proprietary approaches. Karmasphere customers benefit from data insights that uplift revenue, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. The Karmasphere 2.0 Collaborative Analytics Workspace provides users across the company with self-service access to Big Data Analytics on Hadoop including analytic projects, visualizations, and everyday-to-sophisticated analysis through a social, web-based interface that facilitates team collaboration. Open and based on Apache Hadoop standards, it leverages existing analytic skills and models, integrates with traditional BI and existing applications and supports key Hadoop distributions including: Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, Cloudera, HortonWorks, IBM, and MapR Technologies. Learn more at http://www.karmasphere.com