Karmasphere Analyst First To Bring Hive To The Desktop; Provides Familiar SQL Access For Hadoop Big Data

 Visual Analysis for Data Professionals to Query and Unlock Insights from Massive Data Sets

Cupertino, CA – December 14, 2010 – Karmasphere™, the leader in Big Data Intelligence software, announced today the availability of Karmasphere Analyst, productivity software for data professionals working with massive data sets. For the first time data analysts familiar with the popular SQL (structured query language) can write similar queries for data stored in any Apache Hadoop cluster from within a graphical desktop environment such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS or Linux.  Cloud and on-premise Hadoop clusters are supported including Amazon Elastic MapReduce running on Amazon Web Services and Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH).

Karmasphere Analyst embeds the open source Apache Hive project with the Karmasphere Application Framework so that data professionals can discover schema in structured and unstructured data; create and access tables; prototype within the desktop; develop and debug SQL against any Hadoop cluster; and view query results in the visualization tool of choice with a single click.  With Karmasphere Analyst, users such as technical analysts, SQL programmers, developers and DBAs can experiment with Hadoop in a familiar, graphical environment and gain the skills needed to productively use Hadoop for enterprise-class Big Data applications.

“As we talked with data analysts we realized they faced tremendous roadblocks when accessing Hadoop. Not only were they required to learn new technologies, such as Hadoop, MapReduce and Hive, but they also were no longer able to work in familiar environments such as Windows and Excel”, said Martin Hall, chief executive of Karmasphere.

“We have changed all that. Anyone who can write a simple SQL query can begin prototyping queries for Hadoop data sets today on their desktop and view the results in the visualization tool of their choice, such as Excel,” continued Hall.

An Industry First: Bringing Hive to The Desktop

Up until now, Apache Hive software has only been available to UNIX based developers and analysts willing to set-up a Hadoop cluster and then install Hive.

Now, this productivity roadblock is removed simply by downloading and using Karmasphere Analyst. SQL prototyping can begin immediately because with Karmasphere there is no initial requirement to set-up a Hadoop cluster. Hadoop data can be analyzed from a graphical desktop environment, such as Windows, instead of using the UNIX command line interface.

“As a media agency with clients in a range of industries, Mediasmith is used to working with data to drive client decision making. Increasingly this means acquiring “big data” sets to extract valuable insights from advertising and web activity. The problem has been processing this data when it fits outside the realm of a traditional database. Karmasphere Analyst is helping Mediasmith get a grip on this data at pay as you go prices in the Amazon cloud, without the need for extensive IT support or major hardware investments,” said Michael Andrew, director of search and analytics, Mediasmith.

“Cloudera’s customers use Hive to generate some of their most important insights. Their use of Hive begins as early as their introduction to Hadoop and its importance grows as the user population accessing data stored in Hadoop grows.” said Ed Albanese, head of Business Development for Cloudera. “We are excited to see Karmasphere launch Karmasphere Analyst because it extends the accessibility of data within Hadoop to anyone with a monitor and mouse.”

Enhanced Productivity through Built-In Tools

With Karmasphere Analyst, productivity is greatly enhanced with a built-in set of convenient data analysis tools including syntax checking, auto-complete, statement parsing on the fly, and plug and play UDF insertions. Additional benefits include:

  • Familiar SQL-based graphical interface to Big Data: use existing SQL skills for ad hoc analysis and high-level prototyping of Hadoop MapReduce jobs and SQL script development.
  • Ability to turn cluster-based data into a data warehouse: with seamless drag and drop access to the Hadoop File System and familiar SQL queries, data professionals can interact and analyze Hadoop data like any other data.
  • View results in a tabular format or with familiar visualization and BI programs: one-button visualization of SQL results in tool of choice with option to save results for storage in a traditional RDBMS or NoSQL database.
  • Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux and with any Hadoop cluster: work from any desktop operating system or with any Hadoop distribution from Apache Software Foundation, Cloudera, IBM, Yahoo! and Amazon Web Services’ Elastic MapReduce.
  • Visually monitor, profile, and diagnose Hive-based SQL jobs: graphically view query plan progress; job profiles with timelines, I/O charts, and histograms; and job diagnostics leveraging the Apache Vaidya project.
  • Communicate securely with clusters behind firewalls: access clusters behind firewalls using SSH.


Karmasphere Analyst is available now at www.karmasphere.com.


Pricing starts at $2,495 per user.

About Karmasphere

Karmasphere is a big data intelligence software company bringing Apache Hadoop power to developers and analysts. Karmasphere enables companies to unlock the competitive advantages within their large datasets by providing an easy-to-use class of client-side software. Karmasphere’s products, built around the Karmasphere Application Framework™, feature independence across any Hadoop environment, easy one-click deployment across any cloud/cluster, and a rich and friendly user-interface to maximize productivity, discovery and insight. For more information please see www.karmasphere.com.


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